Starting with awesome beats and nice basses, Yanitcha is the epitome of music coolness. The track is building up a special tension – one of RMA’s most impressive skills as a DJ. The first appearance of vocals is coincidently the first break of the track. Creating a special atmosphere during the track, RMA is playing with a different level of pace and tension.

Yanitcha is released by Clubwrk Deep

The famous Australian DJ and Producer Will Sparks is Head of the label venture Clubwrk Deep – a sublabel by Teamwrk Record. And RMA’s Yanitcha is released by Sparks’ label. The great Teamwrk Records has no special genre restrictions and many big releases. The most famous one is the world hit Astronaut In The Ocean by Masked Wolf. Now RMA is also part of the game with his release of Yanitcha.

Out now: download or stream

To feel the energy of RMA’s latest track Yanitcha it is just few steps. The track is downloadable or streamable from various platforms. Examples are Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music. Wherever you listen to music, Yanitcha will probably be there. Let yourself go, enjoy the skillful, spheric and strong music by RMA.

Yanitcha by RMA for intense dancefloor moments

Yanitcha is not an ordinary song by a regular DJ. The track is full of tension, atmosphere and deepness. With beats, basses, rhythm and change of pace the track is special compared to the usual stuff. RMA shows his skills as a versatile House Music artist and DJ. Get yourself ready for the dancefloor, bring up your coolest face, prepare your easiest and craziest moves – and enjoy Yanitcha, the latest piece of impressive music by RMA.