RMA started his career at the age of 16. In this early time, he was known as DJ Rapmaster A and part of Solution Deejays – producing partybreaks, mixtapes and remixes of Hip Hop and House Music.

In 2014 RMA was born. With his own EDM releases RMA reached top positions at Beatport and Apple Music charts. Working together with artists like Fatman Scoop and labels like Axtone, Sirup, 2Dutch or Noface is one proof of RMA’s great music skills.

In July 2018 RMA’s track Chinese Gambler was performed by Lost Kings at Ushuaia Club in Ibiza. In February 2019 RMA feat. Fatman Scoop - Lick U was added to Sony Music Club Sounds Vol. 88.

RMA in social media

The former artist names of RMA are also his previous websites – www.rapmastera.de and www.solutiondjs.com. In the meantime www.rma-music.com became the official website of the artist.

RMA’s fan base is growing steady. With active social media accounts he was able to get a lot of new followers in the last years. RMA with his username rmamusiccom has tens of thousands fans, followers, subscribers, comments and likes on the popular social media channels Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.