With Undercover Murat Salman and RMA will take you to a journey of epic House Music. The two DJs and producers create tracks with soul, rhythm and energy. The mixture of melodic beats and vocals with powerful basses are characteristic for RMA. The new track Undercover combines every important feature of danceable great House Music. Get yourself ready to start your skyrocket on the floor – Murat Salman and RMA will lead you the way.

Collaboration of RMA and Murat Salman

The remix by RMA of Murat Salman’s track Undercover was a fantastic release. With their next project, the joint track Undercover, the two DJs nailed it. With Murat Salman RMA found an experienced and very skillful partner for creating awesome House Music. Murat Salman is one of the most famous Turkish DJs and producer and a luminary. He is a cornerstone of the House Music scene in Turkey with impressive performances for many years.

Undercover released by Metanoia Music

Undercover is out now and streamable as well as downloadable from platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud. Join the family and start to move your body to striking House Music now. The track is released by Metanoia Music. The famous label founded by Medhat Hamroush did work with artists like Faruk Sabanci, Swacq or Steff Da Campo. Undercover is RMA’s first release with Metanoia Music.

The next level of House Music

RMA is constantly improving his skills and is striking new paths of House Music. Together with Murat Salman RMA created Undercover, a track to dance and to dream. Great vocals in combination with basses, diverse beats and melodic core elements will guide you to the dancefloor – if necessary, at home or in the car. Enjoy the latest track – don’t be Undercover, let it out.