Turn Up

No time to catch a breath: Turn Up is one of these EDM tracks where you have to be ready from the very beginning. Within seconds the beats will occupy bodies and minds. RMA created an energetic and tough rhythm and knows how to play with it – this is definitely one of the major strengths of the skillful House Music DJ. And once the track has picked up the speed it won’t slow down any more.

Powerful beats for the House Music dancefloor

Turn Up is characterized by a great simplicity. RMA uses only few elements to create a spirit of force. Beats, basses, a simple but catchy melody and a minimum of lyrics produce a harmonious appearance. With a high intensity RMA’s brand new track is perfect for a short run to the dancefloor and go to the limit. The track is called Turn Up which fits perfectly in many ways: Turn Up the music and Turn Up on the dancefloor immediately.

Turn Up is out now and released by Brooklyn Fire Records

With this Electronic Dance Music track RMA is back in a spectacular way. His brand new one Turn Up is out now und will be streamable and ready for downloads as usual. If you use Apple`s iTunes or other platforms you can download the track. Turn Up is also available on Spotify. Check out the EDM platform Beatport to listen to all tracks from RMA and enjoy a superb DJ and his quality music. The track Turn Up is released by the New Yorker label Brooklyn Fire Records. The legendary DJ, producer and remixer Tommie Sunshine is the A&R/owner and most famous artist of Brooklyn Fire Records. Tommie Sunshine is also well known from the Netflix documentary After the Raves.

Dancing with no limit

RMA is playing with his best skills and what comes out is more than a normal EDM track. It is no magic even if it sounds like: With straight beats, cool basses and a great framework the brand new track Turn Up is House Music at its best. Enjoy this one at home, in the car, with friends or – probably the best way – on the dancefloor. Your body will Turn Up to amazing Electronic Dance Music.