To My Heart

Victor Porfidio`s To My Heart is an inspiring cover version of Taylor Daynes Tell It To My Heart from 1987. The original 80s track by the US-American singer is full of energy. And the DJ and producer Victor Porfidio from Miami is using this energy in his cover. By adding summer beats and a great danceable rhythm, Porfidio shows his Venezuelan roots and huge talent as EDM artist.

Victor Porfidio and RMA with energy and skills

In 2019 Victor Porfidio won his 7th Pepsi Music Award as “Best Electronic Artist - Electro Dance” – this time for the track Galaxy. RMA’s official remix of To My Heart can exceed all expectations. Compared to Victor Porfidio’s version RMA uses his wide skills with deep beats, strong basses and his feeling for timing.

Released by 2Dutch – stream or download now

RMA’s official remix of To My Heart is released by 2Dutch Music Group. This is the 4th collaboration by RMA with the famous Dutch label. Victor Porfidio’s track was also released by 2Dutch. The brand new banger by RMA will be out now – you can stream or download the track from several platforms. For example, Apple Music, Beatport or Spotify. Enjoy this energetic piece of House Music and start to move your body.

RMA shows his multifarious skills

To My Heart is a remix of a cover version – but this does not mean, that RMA’s special skills are not getting audible. Quite the contrary, RMA uses this official remix to play with different beats, pace, basses and more. Once again, RMA is showing his multifarious skills as great producer. With energy and strength, he pushes To My Heart to another level. Let it happen and move your body and feet to the pulsating beats of RMA.