Straight Oldschool (RMA Remix)

The remix of Straight Oldschool is the next hit by RMA which will liven up every friend of great House Music. RMA uses the power and energy of the original track by KYANU. With this remix he is pushing the beats to the limit: Several breaks and a high intensity are keeping the level of tension high. The variation prevents every kind of monotony and dancing is predestined.

KYANU is the next gen of German DJs

The talented and ambitious DJ and producer KYANU has already many released tracks in his young career: His hit song What You Think was released by Spinnin’ Records – more precise by Spinnin’ Premium. And many of his tracks were released by the label Playbox Music, the label of the famous German DJ duo Twoloud. Also, his cracker Straight Oldschool was released by this label. The track can be streamed or downloaded at Soundcloud, Spotify and other platforms.

RMA presents great EDM skill set

Equipped with a fantastic feeling for rhythm, beats and basses, RMA is steadily keep pushing himself with new projects. His latest track – the remix of KYANU’s Straight Oldschool – again shows his skill set for inspiring Electronic Dance Music. The implementation and variation of lyrics in conjunction with hard beats will lead your way to the dancefloor. Hard breaks in the second part of the track make sure, that the remix of Straight Oldschool is thrilling till the end.

Inspiring Electronic Dance Music

KYANU is one of the most talented young German DJs – and his track Straight Oldschool is only one evidence for this statement. The track was released by the label Playbox Records, the label of the very popular House Music duo Twoloud. RMA is using the great skills of KYANU and combines them with his own. With a lot of energy, the remix of Straight Oldschool is toying with variations of beats, vocals and pace. Friends of great House Music will enjoy the straight old school energy on the floor.