Solution Deejays - Shut Up & Listen Vol. 3

The successful mixtape series Shut Up & Listen by Solution Deejays is reaching the next level. The third mixtape of this line is full of energy as well as driving beats and basses. DJ Rapmaster A and DJ Sini are delivering more and more proofs for their Rap and House DJ skills. By launching this mixtape rocket, every party will be started immediately. In the year 2009 Shut Up & Listen Vol. 3 was one of the most important mixtapes for all friends of great and energetic mixes of Rap and House Music.

Shut Up & Listen to another masterpiece

The Intro of the latest mixtape by the duo Solution Deejays is leading the way: Power, energy and danceable rhythms from the very beginning until the end. Shut Up & Listen Vol. 3 is the third one out of this fruitful series. With various remixes and scratches by Solution Deejays as well as a bunch of superstars such as Busta Rhymes, Pitbull or Flo Rida the freely audible mixtape is an unusual experience. To all party guests: Shut Up & Listen – and of course dance if you cannot hold it.

More to come by Solution Deejays

Many different mixtapes were released in 2008 – and the following year 2009 went on like the one before. Shut Up & Listen Vol. 3 is one out of various releases of Solution Deejays. DJ Rapmaster A and DJ Sini are growing with every new mixtape – regarding to skills and performances in general. With Shut Up & Listen Vol. 3 the DJ duo managed to create a little masterpiece of remixes. The way to the dancefloor is given.