Solution Deejays - Shut Up & Listen Vol. 1

DJ Rapmaster A is a thing of the past – the new project which was already announced in earlier mixtapes is Solution Deejays. A collaboration with former DJ Rapmaster A und DJ Sini. In their first mixtape Shut Up & Listen Vol. 1 the two Deejays are breaking new ground with a proven formula: The concept includes international superstars and hit songs as well as great deejay skills and a strong performance. What stands out: The remixes by the DJ-duo are even more fancy, professional and extravagant than in their last mixtapes before this one.

Brilliant and more variation

In Shut Up & Listen Vol. 1 DJ Sini and DJ Rapmaster A are showing their growing and impressive range of skills. No matter if Timbaland, 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland or others – Solution Deejays are managing to make an impression on every used hit material. With integrated vocal elements, remixes of whole tracks or single passages – or just a smooth transition. Both, DJ Rapmaster A and DJ Sini obviously do benefit from the collaboration. Together they are able to show their skills even better than before.

The beginning of a new era

Not only the collaboration of DJ Rapmaster A und DJ Sini as Solution Deejays is the beginning of a new era. Also, the mixtape Shut Up & Listen Vol. 1 is the first out of a larger number. This powerful mixtape shows where the DJ-road of Solution Deejays leads. Shut Up & Listen Vol. 1 is full of energy, beats and basses. The mixtape will rock the party and lead your way to the dancefloor to enjoy great music.