Solution Deejays – Kop Gel Vol. 1

The mixtape Kop Gel Vol. 1 by Solution Deejays is a declaration of love to their country of origin, Turkey. Never before and never after the two deejays created a special edition like Kop Gel. With impressive beats, basses and rhythms as well as Turkish melodies of Pop and Electronic Dance Music, the latest mixtape of Solution Deejays will set the crowd in motion. Not only the Turkish community will love this energetic hour of thrilling House Music.

House Mixtape with Turkish classics

Released in 2009, Kop Gel Vol. 1 is more Solution Deejays than ever before. The Turkey-Special mixtape is packed with House remixes, Scratches and Breaks by the duo. Compared to previous mixtapes Kop Gel is different concerning the integrated artists. Turkish singer and songwriter such as Serdar Ortac, Murat Boz and many more are part of this House Music journey. Many tracks of this latest mixtape are originally created by Solution Deejays. Maybe unexpected: Also, the famous Turkish rock band manga is integrated to this EDM mixtape.

Electronic Dance Music made in Turkey

The two deejays are showing respect to their Turkish roots and Turkish community by inventing this special remix. The same power, the same energy, the same feeling for rhythm and melodies – but still something is different on Kop Gel Vol. 1: The Turkish Pop songs create a specific and fascinating feeling for friends of great Electronic House Music. Experts of the Turkish music scene will love this House Music remix – and all the others will be captured by the rhythms and beats. Find your way to the dancefloor and enjoy the energy of Kop Gel Vol. 1.