Solution Deejays - Houseabriss Vol. 2

Let’s get ready for the second round: Solution Deejays are back with another remix-cracker – the sequel Houseabriss Vol. 2. Again, the two DJs do not wait for any signal to turn. The House Music rocket is launching right from the very beginning of this mixtape. The skillful deejays are showing their talent as remixers in general and as House music remixers in particular. The basses, beats and dancing rhythms will rule every party and lead on the floor within seconds.

Mixtape with almost one hour of party

54 minutes without any break to take a breath. The two DJs do boss around the friends of great House Music by forcing them to dance right away. Remixes, Scratches, Cuts and more of inspiring danceable EDM Music are part of the mixtape Houseabriss Vol. 2. Tracks of underground artists do alternate with those by international superstars like Michael Jackson. With Solution Deejays there is no chance for boredom or quietness. Houseabriss Vol. 2 is another powerful EDM mixtape by the duo and was released in 2009.

Get ready to start the House Music rocket

Powerful beats, nice basses and dance-rhythms are the trademark of Solution Deejays and their House Music remixes. At the same time, the duo never loose sight of decent melodies and smooth dancing parts. Houseabriss Vol. 2 is the next proof, that Solution Deejays did find their big passion in Electronic Dance Music. The great mixtape is non-stop danceable and will lead all friends of nice House Music directly to the dancefloor. Enjoy your party with Solution Deejays and Houseabriss Vol. 2.