Solution Deejays - Houseabriss Vol. 1

With the Houseabriss Vol. 1 mixtape by Solution Deejays the duo demonstrates their energy and power. Without any break to take a breath DJ Rapmaster A and DJ Sini are launching the House-rocket from the very beginning of the mixtape. Already the Solution Deejay-Intro is showing the skills by the duo – it is a foretaste of what is coming next. Houseabriss Vol. 1 will lead your party to the dancefloor. No body and no feet will stand still while listening to this remix-masterpiece.

Houseabriss Vol. 1 with powerful beats

In contrast to earlier mixtapes by Solution Deejays, Houseabriss Vol. 1 is full of Electronic Dance Music and energetic beats from the first second. With hard beats, great basses and powerful elements of House Music the two deejays are striking new paths without neglecting their usual strengths. Integrating several stars of the Electronic Dance Music scene like Daft Punk, DJ Antoine and others do complement the great mixtape Houseabriss Vol. 1 by Solution Deejays.

Prepare yourself for the dancefloor

The mixtape Houseabriss Vol. 1 by DJ Rapmaster A and DJ Sini – known as Solution Deejays – was released in 2008. In the same year the DJ duo released their second Volume of the mixtape series Shut Up & Listen. Both mixtapes are showing the skills and the power of Solution Deejays. With breaks, remixes, various individual mixes – and especially House Music elements in Houseabriss 1 – the two deejays are pushing everybody to the dancefloor. Enjoy the dynamic mixtape Houseabriss Vol. 1 and start to move your body to the beats.