Sini & RMA – You Never Heard Before Vol. 1

With the new collaboration of Sini & RMA the next era has begun. The duo Solution Deejays is a thing of the past but for this great mixtape the two House Music artists did reassemble. You Never Heard Before Vol. 1 is the start of a new period of vibrant Electronic House Music mixtapes. You did like the energy and magic of Solution Deejays’ mixtapes such as the Shut Up & Listen-series? Then you will definitely love this one released in 2015. Enjoy this cracker and start to dance.

Wild and mature – Sini & RMA on the passing lane

You Never Heard Before is a true revolution in Sini & RMA’s mixtape career. But what’s new and what’s the difference to their older works? First, the new mixtape is no longer a mere juxtaposition of well-known tracks by international superstars with remix and scratch influence of the DJs. You Never Heard Before Vol. 1 is the pure output of the skills of the two DJs. Second, the new mixtape is full of powerful beats without taking a break - 35 minutes of dancing and bopping around.

Enjoy pure House Music energy with Sini & RMA

You Never Heard Before Vol. 1 was released in 2015 – after having a mixtape break for four years. In the meantime, the two DJs did concentrate on their own tracks and their separate career as producers and House Music artists. This collaboration in 2015 does show the evolution and the professional way of Sini & RMA since 2011. With energetic beats and a great merge of vibrant Electronic Dance Music tracks the mixtape You Never Heard Before Vol. 1 will fill the dancefloor immediately. Get ready!