Sini & RMA – You Never Heard Before Vol. 2

The second edition of the You Never Heard Before-series by Sini & RMA is just as badass as the first one. Also released in 2015, the latest mixtape by the two DJs is divers, powerful and spectacular. Friends of great Electronic Dance Music will find their way to the dancefloor – and dance right away the entire mixtape. With danceable beats for approximately 40 minutes and House Music as its best, Sini & RMA show their special skills. Start to move your body now.

Sini & RMA with another mixtape-cracker

Since the two DJs used the time between 2011 and 2015 to improve their skill set, the result of the new mixtape is impressive. With diversity and power, the EDM rocket is launched by Sini & RMA from the very beginning of You Never Heard Before Vol. 2. The energy and tension are palpable when Sini and RMA are showing of with their talent. You Never Heard Before Vol. 2 – this motto has to be taken literally.

You Never Heard Before – with surprises

The new mixtape You Never Heard Before Vol. 2 includes the familiar – and exceptional – EDM beats and transitions by the duo. But Sini & RMA could not resist to integrate a tribute to the good old days: The Outro by the two DJs is an homage to their Hip Hop past as DJ Rapmaster A and Solution Deejays. But without a doubt, great Electronic Dance Music beats and straight basses are in the focus of this mixtape-rocket. Enjoy the kind of beats You Never Heard Before.