To satisfy the dancefloor is one of the most important aims for DJ’s and Electronic Dance Music projects like RMA. With the brand new and outstanding track SATISFY it becomes reality. Because, as usual for RMA songs also this one will set House Music fans in motion. The memorable theme is the core of this Dance song, while groovy and varied beats are giving it additional uniqueness. Lean back and enjoy or dance right away – with SATISFY.

The melody will lead your way to the dancefloor

In the new track RMA demonstrates again, having a great feeling for catchy melodies and feel-good-rhythms. In contrast to RMA’s last tracks, SATISFY has no classical vocals integrated. Instead Electronic Dance Music fans will notice familiar vocal sound effects. In combination with various beats and other groovy sound effects this song will make you forget about bad moments. With SATISFY the summer seems to start very early.

Listen to SATISFY: Spotify, Beatport, Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube and more

RMA’s fan base is growing with every new hit single. Therefore it is not a problem to find the new track SATISFY in the internet. You would like to stream the track to listen immediately or do you prefer a download to have it available always and everywhere? SATISFY can be downloaded for example on iTunes or Beatport. To stream the track EDM-fans can use RMA’s Website, Spotify or YouTube.

Beats, bass and high spirit – enjoy RMA’s new track

This is what friends of great Electronic Dance Music were waiting for: A brand new and again inspiring track of RMA. The EDM-project simply knows how to combine a decent bass line with great melodies, exciting sound elements and a catchy theme. SATISFY is another great example how to set the crowd in motion. With the brand new track you can start to dance through day and night – RMA is going to SATISFY the dancing dreams.