Ride Together

RMA has a mystical and spherical side – he demonstrated this side very often in the past. And again, with his brand new track Ride Together. The atmosphere in the latest EDM-track is dark, gloomy and with a permanently high level of tension. The very dense vocals are another factor for creating this kind of feelings. It is RMA’s first collaboration with the famous Spanish label Blanco y Negro Music. And due to the great output, it might be not the last.

Beats and basses for highest tension

Ride Together is a perfect example for how to create a certain gloomy atmosphere with a high level of tension: Deep basses, a decent and constant pace, dark vocals as well as moving beats are important features for this. What cannot be learned is RMA’s amazing feeling for a fantastic timing and development within the track. This musical talent is the key factor for making Ride Together special. RMA will push the people to the floor.

Released by Blanco y Negro Music – first cooperation

The famous Blanco y Negro Music label, founded in 1978 in Barcelona in Spain, is one of the leading Dance labels in Europe and the most important Indie-label in Spain. Many big Dance artists – for example Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Bob Sinclar, Don Diablo, Afrojack or Armin Van Buuren – have released their music with Blanco y Negro. Ride Together is RMA’s first collaboration with the Spanish label. The track can be streamed or downloaded now.

RMA is multifarious and always danceable

RMA is back in the game and ready to conquer the dancefloor again. His latest track Ride Together is another proof for the DJ’s versatility and his musical talent. With a nice mixture of spherical and powerful beats and basses as well as a great feeling for timing, RMA creates an impressive suspenseful atmosphere. Be prepared for a spellbinding floor and move your body and feet – we will Ride Together.