Once again RMA will lead you the way to the dancefloor. Without a doubt friends of great House Music again will be forced to move feet and bodies. The new track Reasons is full of energy and as usual it starts with the first beats. But RMA is known for surprising elements in his tracks and a thoughtful structure is implemented. There are a lot of Reasons why this masterpiece of Electronic Dance Music is a cracker.

With energy and power – plus an unexpected part

Reasons starts like a typical EDM track: Slowly the vibrant atmosphere is built up. And after the intro the special moment to lose it all is coming. The crowd is starting to dance like crazy. But all of a sudden RMA there is a break – this is the time to take a deep breath, listen to beautiful vocals and recuperate for the next dancing session. RMA is a House DJ with profoundness and proves it with his new track Reasons.

Reasons by RMA is out now and released by PYRO Records

With PYRO Records RMA did find a strong partner for his brand-new track Reasons. The label from Hamburg in Germany is famous for powerful Electronic Dance Music and releases many tracks for example on the streaming platform Soundcloud or the specialized EDM platform Beatport. At Beatport or iTunes RMA’s new track Reasons and other songs can be downloaded. Streaming is also possible on Spotify – do not hesitate.

A new Electronic Dance Music hymn by RMA

After the latest success the skillful DJ RMA is back with his newest coup. Reasons is characterized by energetic beats and a vibrant spirit. The middle part of the track is filled with outstanding vocals and a moment to take a breath. As usual RMA shows his talent to create varied and exciting Electronic Dance Music with a great sense of intensity. Enjoy the brand-new track Reasons and find your way to the dancing area as fast as possible.