RMA has specific skills concerning great House Music: For example, it is the combination of memorable melodies, a wide variation of beats and perfectly integrated vocals. This, he has proven time and again – also with his latest track called Older, which is a collaboration with the Italian DJ and producer STRAAW. The track is full of nice beats and decent basses for the floor. What stands out in the newest track by RMA is the feeling for a great melody.

RMA and the collaboration with STRAAW

For the first time, the Turkish und Italian DJs and producers RMA and STRAAW are working together.And the outcome is fabulous: Older is masterly mixed for the dancefloor – catchy and strong. 2 qualities both DJs are known for. STRAAW did prove his talent several times, for esmple with tracks like Roses or Impossible. In the past, the Italian artist from Milan had releases with different famous labels such as Smash Deep, Future House Music or Zero Cool.

Older is released by Panther’s Groove

The Dutch label Panther’s Groove releases the new track by RMA & STRAAW. The label from Utrecht in the Netherlands is famous for great catchy music – a perfect fit for RMA and his melodic skills. The track will be streamable or downloadable from almost every well-known platform. For example, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Soundcloud or Beatport.

RMA is getting Older

With the latest track Older RMA once again proves his high variability. The collaboration with the Italian DJ and producer STRAAW is full of positive energy – with great vocals and a feeling for a beautiful melody. The track is released by the Dutch label Panther’s Groove and out right now.