I Belong

Starting pleasantly with smooth dancing elements and vocals the new track I Belong is steadily building up more and more energy. RMA knows exactly how to get the crowd in the perfect mood to dance like crazy: The explosion of beats and basses is following to the opener. I Belong combines everything a great piece of Electronic Dance Music should have: a high grade of tension, strong feel-good rhythms for the dancefloor and a variation of different House elements to keep the excitement.

RMA keeps the excitement

The clear structure of the new track I Belong increases the intensity. After the first very powerful dancing session RMA integrates a hard break as a central part – time to recuperate and to prepare for the next round. RMA is known for his extremely variable Electronic Dance Music. I Belong is another example for his great skills. RMA uses the break to build up even more energy. In the end you can’t control your feet and body and just let it happen.

I Belong released by Gameroom Records

The track is released by a sublabel of Black Hole Recordings – the new Gameroom Records releases especially Electro and House Music tracks. The famous Black Hole Recordings from the Netherlands is one of the leading labels for Electronic Dance Music founded in 1997 – founded and formerly managed by Tijs Verwest, better known as the legendary DJ Tiësto. I Belong is available on various platforms for streaming or download – Beatport, Spotify, SoundCloud or Amazon music to name a few.

A new EDM cracker for the dancefloor

RMA stays true without getting boring. The brand-new cracker I Belong will set the crowd in motion as usual. With his intuitional feeling for rhythm, great as well as danceable beats and basses and surprising elements the DJ shows his special skills. As a result, your feet won’t stand still and right from the beginning you will know where this RMA-track is going to lead you to. I Belong – to the dancefloor of course.