Hands Up High

The year 2020 starts eventful for DJ and EDM producer RMA: After the tracks Burn (feat. Mert Gökmen) and Feeling Strange the brand new one is called Hands Up High. And this one is badass in many different ways. First of all, there are the vibrant and deep basses during the entire track. Second, the great EDM track is pervaded by mysterious beats to keep the tension extraordinary high. Third, the dark and full voice samples have a pervasive effect.

Hands Up High is released by Sirup Music

These three aspects combined do create a special level of tension and a great atmosphere. Not to forget: Hands Up High is extremely danceable. The new track by RMA is released by the Swiss label Sirup Music. The label is the leading Dance Music entertainment company of Switzerland and founded by the DJ EDX. As usual for a track by RMA the new one will be streamable or can be downloaded from different platforms.

RMA will put your Hands Up High

Dark and strong basses, pushing beats and a gloomy vibe are the characteristics of RMA’s brand new Electronic Dance Music track Hands Up High. Without ignoring his strengths like danceable and melodic House beats, RMA opens a new window of EDM. The mysterious atmosphere which is created in Hands Up High will inspire and fascinate the dancefloor. Enjoy the new track Hands Up High released by the Swiss Sirup Music and drift away in darker EDM areas.