Going Down

Good Electronic Dance Music is when the crowd likes the song. Very good Electronic Dance Music is when the club loves the song and people are nodding their heads. Outstanding great Electronic Dance Music is when the crowd is crashing the dancefloor immediately. Going Down is a song from the last category. With nice beats, a very catchy melody and a rising dramaturgy the EDM project RMA produced a track for sophisticated house-music-lovers.

Starting with a catchy melody – then: acceleration

Not every Dance Song has to start with a powerful deep bass line. Sometimes it is more intense when you can feel the energy rising. RMAs Going Down is starting with melodic and simple beats before it gets big. A vocal snippet and stronger melodic beats are the signal for the heavy part. Strap on for the ride of Going Down – beats and bass lines will make you feel to fly over the dancefloor.

Feeling the energy with Going Down by RMA

Great Music is always full of emotions. Not only cheesy ballads should cause extreme feelings, the same applies to Electronic Dance Music and House Music. Luckily RMA knows how to create passionate melodies because Going Down is a thrilling crowd-pleaser for the masses. Download the Song now from various platforms like iTunes or Beatport. Also on streaming platforms (Spotify, SoundCloud) you will find Going Down by the duo RMA.

Let yourself go on the dancefloor with decent EDM-music

At the beginning Going Down is a song to feel comfortable and to find into the groove – but after a while you will be caught in the wake. Dancing lively is the only solution for this situation. The beats, the bass and the melody will automatically navigate you to the dancefloor. Enjoy Going Down by the Electronic Dance Music project RMA.