Feeling Right

Tension from the very beginning till the end – this is one of the specialties of RMA. Feeling Right – the brand new track by RMA – is a perfect example for this: Starting with intense beats and a quite mysterious atmosphere, the vocals build the first break. With vocals and beats the rocket launch is prepared dramatically. And after that: the sky is no limit. Start your body engine and dance this track like there is no tomorrow.

With beats and basses to the moon

RMA did proof his variability in the past many times. With his latest track Feeling Right he took the direct path with energy and tension. The beats in the track do not vary much, but RMA’s skills are profound, so that Feeling Right is exciting at any second. The deep basses RMA added in the middle part do give the track its pronounced flavor.

Feeling Right released by Uprise Music

Feeling Right is the first release of RMA with the independent record label Uprise Music. The label from New York City has released tracks from several famous artists like Hidden Face from France. The new track Feeling Right can be streamed or downloaded now. You can use usual platforms like Apple Music, Spotify or Soundcloud to enjoy this great piece of House Music.

RMA is back with energy and passion

Again, RMA proves his terrific talent for timing and tension. Feeling Right starts intense and gets even stormy. With strong basses, vibrating beats and suitable vocals RMA delivers great music for the dancefloor. Listeners will have a blast to crash the floor. Absorb the latest track and get yourself in motion.