Even some House Music tracks are starting with a bang. In RMA’s vibrant Echo it is a little different. The melodic and spherical piece of art is calm in the beginning – and in the same time the track is drawing everybody to the floor. With intense vocals as well as arising strong beats and basses, Echo by RMA is a magnet for dancefloors. The latest track of RMA is another proof of his wide variety.

Echo is released by S2 Records

Echo is not the first collaboration of RMA with the Swiss label S2 Records and Sirup Music. After tracks like No More, Hands Up High and Lick U (feat. Fatman Scoop), Echo is the latest cooperation. S2 is a sublabel of Sirup Music, which was founded by the famous DJ and producer EDX – one of Switzerland’s most streamed artists. With Echo RMA and S2 Records are breaking new ground of House Music after several other cooperations.

Out now – for download or stream

The great piece of House Music will be streamable on or downloadable from many different platforms. If you want to move your body to great Deep House Music, visit Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and more. With Echo you will reach the perfect mood for the dancefloor – at home in your living room, cruising in a car or in the club. The new track by RMA is out now.

Echo is House Music with many facets

Sometimes “in your face” is the best way to enjoy House Music. But tracks like Echo are often more elegant and – in the end – more intense than others. RMA is proving his skills as DJ and producer. With Echo you get a great mixture of atmosphere, fragility and strength. The new track is spherical and melancholic on one side, but powerful and positive on the other side. Follow the Echo straight to the floor and move your feet.