Dj RapmasterA - The Playaz Final Mixtape

RMA started his career as DJ Rapmaster A – with Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop. His first official mixtape was released back in 2003: The Playaz Final Mixtape was the first strike of DJ Rapmaster A – others quickly followed. Already in his early years, RMA (DJ Rapmaster A) had a great feeling for fusing different tracks into one big piece of art. This was also the case in the first mixtape by the DJ, the Playaz Final Mixtape.

Great artists, great remixes

With 37 tracks by many different artists, The Playaz Final Mixtape is divers and thrilling. Most of the tracks are special remixes, cuts, edits or partybreaks mixes by RMA (DJ Rapmaster A). He integrated a lot of international superstars of the early 2000s. For example, Fatman Scoop, Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliot or Lil John – just to name a few. With this exquisite crowd, DJ Rapmaster A unites most of the important tracks and artists of the current time of 2003.

First mixtape-strike by DJ Rapmaster A

International superstars, smash hits and a special performance with remixes and more by DJ Rapmaster A making the first mixtape by the DJ - The Playaz Final Mixtape – to an awesome work. Since it is a very early work by RMA (as the artist is known presently), one should highlight the greatness of the mixtape due to diversity and keeping a high tension. And starting his career with The Playaz Final Mixtape in 2003 RMA learned something new in each year to come. This is how a DJ career can begin.