DJ RapmasterA - Lickstream Mixtape Vol. 2

One year after the huge success of Rapmaster A’s mixtape Lickstream Vol. 1, the next project was the sequel Lickstream Vol. 2. This continues the powerful composition of 2003 in the usual style: with energy, power and a decent feeling for rhythm and beats. Since the mixtape Lickstream Vol 2 is still one of the very early works, one can hardly speak of a special “Rapmaster A style”. But despite the early phase of his career the skills of the DJ are already visible – or rather audible – in 2004 in Lickstream Mixtape Vol. 2.

A playlist full of superstars

Missy Elliot, Dr. Dre, LL Cool J or even Michael Jackson – the list of superstars in the mixtape is long. A lot of Rap, Hip Hop or Pop-Stars are interconnected in Rapmaster A’s mixtape. The DJ himself is embedded several times with remixes and beat edits. As usual the major work for a DJ in mixtapes is a decent transition of the tracks. With the Lickstream Mixtape Vol. 2 you can enjoy one of the best mixtapes of the Rap and Hip-Hop genre combined with clear Pop elements. Start moving your body with DJ Rapmaster A.

Let’s get ready for the dancefloor

For a great party night, you will need just a few things: Nice food and drinks, good spirits and excellent music. Start the Lickstream mixtape Vol. 2 by DJ Rapmaster A and there are no obstacles left for a thrilling party. With his special feeling for rhythm, transition and beats the DJ leads the crowd to the dancefloor. Let’s get the party started and enjoy this special mixtape.