DJ RapmasterA - Lickstream Mixtape Vol. 1

With rhythm and style DJ Rapmaster A created his two-part mixtape Lickstream. In this Lickstream Mixtape Vol. 1 the DJ is launching the music rocket immediately – after a short intro several rap superstars are on. This 2003er mixtape was complied in a very early phase of DJ Rapmaster A and his booting career. Especially against this backdrop the mixtape is very mature on the one hand – and powerful as well as smooth on the other hand. The mixtape Lickstream Vol. 1 is the perfect choice for early 2000s parties.

Rap superstars are interconnected

Smooth transitions are the most important thing in mixtapes. And DJ Rapmaster A – today known as RMA – has proven his skills in this discipline from the very beginning of his career. This can be recognized damn well in the 2003er mixtape Lickstream Vol. 1. The interconnection of international superstars is awesome. No matter if Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Notorious B.I.G. or Kelly Rowland – they all got their moments in Rapmaster A’s version in the mixtape.

Improving skills for the dancing crowd

With the Lickstream mixtape Vol. 1 DJ Rapmaster A was improving his skills in a very early phase of his career. With vibrant beats, nice basses and great transitions the mixtape combines all important factors. Since this is the first Lickstream mixtape of two parts in total, friends of great Rap- and Hip-Hop remixes can look forward to another round. Get your feet ready and move your body to the beats – the Lickstream mixtape Vol. 1 will fill up the dancefloor and set the crowd in motion.