Agha Album

RMA is famous for great melodies as well as strong compositions of beats and basses. Within the new album Agha all friends of Melodic House Music and Techno will find 8 tracks with different pace, focus and impact. But they all got things in common – once you hear them, your body wants to find the way to the dancefloor and gets carried away. Enjoy amazing House and Techno Music with RMA with the very first album.

Meaningful tracks on Agha – with special names

Agha is not only the first-ever album by RMA, but also a concept album so to say. The names of the 8 tracks are Agha, Atabek, Chelengk, Chiaus, Deli, Djebedji, Effendy and Elchee and for those who do not speak the Turkish language and who don’t know much about Turkish history – all tracks are old-Turkish or rather Ottoman terms. Without emphasizing this fact, RMA pays homage to his roots.

First album by RMA

In the past, RMA did release many tracks – collaborations with other artists, covers, singles, the EP Bostangi and more. But Agha is a special work for the DJ and producer in many ways. Agha is the very first album by RMA and packed with his own signature style. Some tracks do build up tension, some are rather spheric – and all of them are recognizable as RMA’s melodic and danceable House and Techno Music.

Agha is the next step

With a growing fanbase, years of experience and a great skillset, the album Agha is the next step of RMA’s music career. 8 tracks full of energy and amazing melodies will lead to the dancefloor in many cases. With strong basses, various beats and many memorable elements Agha is enjoyable for every enthusiast of nice Melodic House and Techno. RMA’s very first album is out now – get ready for a wild ride.