Solution Deejays – Shut Up & Listen Vol. 4

Sini & RMA

The most successful mixtape-series of the past years is back: With Shut Up & Listen Vol. 4 the DJ duo Solution Deejays again is capturing the international dancefloors – loud, powerful and proud. Celebrating their DJ and mixing skills, Solution Deejays create an exciting package of House Music and great EDM-beats. With superstars, remixes, scratches and a lot of beats, Solution Deejays are launching the next missile of great music. Move your bodies to Shut Up & Listen Vol. 4.

House legends in Solution Deejays style

As usual the list of participating superstars of the EDM, House, Pop and Hip-Hop scene is very long. For example, Pitbull, Kesha, Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg or 50 Cent – just to name a few – are integrated in the mixtape sensation Shut Up & Listen Vol. 4. With growing brilliantness and better skills of the duo, Solution Deejays are more and more developing their own music style even on a mixtape. The influence of the two DJs is obvious and bigger than in every mixtape of the past. Important to be mentioned: The intro created by Solution Deejays is setting the mood for joy and party.

Skillful Mixtape-veterans at work

With their latest mixtape Shut Up & Listen Vol. 4 released in 2010 the duo again is doing what they are famous for: conquering and commanding the dancefloors of vibrant Electronic Dance Music parties around the world. The mix of beats, hard House elements, Pop-Giants and definite Hip-Hop influences will let you float to the floor. Enjoy Solution Deejays with their latest cracker – the mixtape Shut Up & Listen Vol. 4 – and start to move your feet and shake your booty.