Show U

Up to now the style of RMA was determined as either melodic with feel-good rhythms or hard basses and powerful EDM. The new track Show U is different to anything RMA made before. The dark piece of Electronic Dance Music is a strong statement to all critics and fans. Energetic beats, strong basses and a mysterious atmosphere are making the brand new one special. With no doubt Show U could be part of high-tension scene in a blockbuster movie – this will be transported to the dancefloor.

Show U is dark, vibrant and intense

The dark voice of the interspersed vocals is fitting perfectly to the setting of the track. Steadily the tension is growing – without having a climax. But this ain’t necessary at all: RMA is casting a spell over all friends of intense Electronic Dance and House Music. The tightness of beats and basses is consistently high throughout the whole track. RMA’s plan is to Show U not only the way to the dancefloors. He wants to care for quivering bodies in the dark.

Released by the Dutch label 2Dutch Deep

Show U is the first track of RMA released by 2Dutch Deep. The label is one of the leading independent labels for Electronic Dance Music. Many well-known DJs has released tracks with 2Dutch Deep: Brooks, Gil Sanders or Vasto – just to name a few. The motto of 2Dutch Deep: “We are dedicated to music. We are dedicated to talent”.

RMA’s new track will Show U his DJ skills

As usual, the brand new track by RMA can be streamed or downloaded via Beatport, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music or else. Show U is the next step for RMA since he is partly striking new paths. The track – released by the innovative Dutch label 2Dutch Deep – has everything a great piece of Electronic Dance Music needs. In addition, friends of enigmatic as well as high-tension beats and basses will enjoy the new single of RMA.