Rock This Town

When RMA is in charge, his fanbase of great Electronic Dance Music are in a mood of excitement. The DJ is famous for his great diversity of skills in House Music. Sometimes the beats and basses are strong and tough – in other tracks a feel-good rhythm and a catchy melody are the most important parts. The brand new one Rock This Town combines the abilities of RMA: With deep basses and powerful beats as well as easily danceable rhythms and nice vocals the latest portion of Electronic Dance Music by RMA will lead to the dancefloor.

More vocals and deep basses

What’s new in Rock This Town? In his new track RMA is working not only with single vocal elements and little lyrics but with a continuous singer. Besides the vocals, the track is characterized by a growing tension as well as deep, vibrant and recurring basses. Powerful and strong beats are completing the newest piece Electronic Dance Music by the artist. With this combination feet and body will be set in motion immediately. Your will be literally Rock This Town.

Released by NoFace Records

Rock This Town is released by NoFace Records. The new label was founded by DJ and producer Max Vangeli and the Dutch House label Armada Music. Armada Music is one of the most important labels for Electronic Dance Music and founded in 2003 by the legendary Armin van Buuren – among others. Max Vangeli is a very famous House and Electro House DJs who wanted to launch his own label. Together with Armada Music Vangeli did realize his project. Rock This Town is RMA’s first track released by NoFace Records.

Getting ready for the dancefloor and Rock This Town

The new EDM track by RMA can be streamed or downloaded via several platforms as Beatport, Apple Music, Spotify and others. Rock This Town will focus your body and feet to get ready for the dancefloor. With growing tension as well as great beats, basses and vocals the track – released by NoFace Records – is enqueuing itself to other impressive pieces of Electronic Dance Music by RMA.