Play Games

No matter if the summer sun is burning or it is freezing cold outside: Danceable Electronic Music with awesome melodies is popular at any time. And RMA simply knows how to create feel-good House Music for any kind of event and any dancefloor – without being ordinary at all. His newest masterpiece Play Games is another example for RMA’s great skills. The interaction of the vocal elements, the clear beats and the brilliant melody will fill the dancefloor within seconds.

Melody + rhythm = dancing mood

In the past RMA often demonstrates his skills with strong basses and forceful beats. This time the Electronic Dance Music DJ is counting on his ability to create a floating melody. In Play Games he is literally playing with different House elements and perfectly fitting vocals. The dance rhythm and the catchy melody are the most important factors for the massage of the new track: Play Games is a hymn for everyone who wants to enjoy life to the full.

Play Games is released by Epic Tones Records

RMA’s new track Play Games is out now can be streamed or downloaded from several platforms. For example, you can stream the EDM track on Spotify or download it from Beatport. With London’s Epic Tones Records it is released by a famous label for Electronic Dance Music. The two founders of Epic Tones Records and DJs Pascal Junior and Midi Culture did already work together with major labels like Warner Music and Ultra Music.

Find your way to the dancefloor – with RMA’s new track

Play Games is full of energy in a very positive way. The brand new track by RMA describes a special attitude towards life. Not only with its lyrics, but rather with a great melody and an enjoyable dancing rhythm. Precise beats and various House Music elements will lead you the way to the dancefloor. Take delight in moving your body to RMA’s next piece of art – Play Games.