Lick U (Frankie Corsano Remix)
Lick U (Frankie Corsano Remix)

Lick U (Frankie Corsano Remix)

In contrast to the original version of RMA’s track Lick U the remix by Frankie Corsano starts directly with beats and a decent rhythm to hit the dancefloor immediately. Also, the buildup structure of the original Lick U is missing. In this way the Swiss House artist Frankie Corsano creates a brand new track and his own idea of Fatman Scoops voice and Lick U. Fun fact: One explicit word which was used many times before is missing in the remix.

Lick U remix – many differences and one constant

Another big difference: Frankie Corsanos used different paces in his track and integrated various beat orders and styles in his remix – while RMA is giving the full package of energy and hard style elements. These aspects give the remix of Corsano a very special and unique characterization. But in spite of all differences between RMA and Corsano: The distinctive and absolute unique hard voice and lyrics by Fatman Scoop are fitting to both versions.

This is Frankie Corsano

The Swiss DJ Frankie Corsano is a Progressive and EDM House DJ and Producer. The DJ from Zurich started his DJ career with his debut single Sunrise – a top 10 hit in Italian Dance Charts and successful in other European countries. Also, his tracks Lift Me Up and Feel the Drop (part of the CD Kontor Top of the Clubs Vol. 81) were successful in different countries. With the remix of RMA’s and Fatman Scoop’s track Lick U, Frankie Corsano is back in the game in 2019 and ready to hit the dancefloor. The track is released by S2, a sublabel of Sirup Music by the Swiss DJ and producer EDX.

Energy and beats: Lick U is exciting in many versions

With the unique voice of US superstar Fatman Scoop, Lick U is a distinctive track – although with many different facets. Frankie Corsano found his own way to deal with the strong and energetic hard style House elements and the aggressive voice and lyrics. In his remix the track seems to be even more divers. The Swiss DJ manages to interpret a great track in another way. This is definitely an enrichment to RMA’s and Fatman Scoop’s cracker Lick U.